29/06/2016 (Day 17: Great Work Day and Fun Games)

So today at work actually went well throughout the whole day, where I managed to get quite a lot of work done, even though there were a few issues with a few departments. I have started to notice that with my job, that certain departments of the hospital work in are very helpful when it comes to helping me out, whilst other departments are very hands off and not helpful at all. The thing is I have to learn to adapt to the specific departments and how helpful they are or aren’t in this case. So I decided to report the problem I had with one department to my boss, which made me feel less frustrated overall. At least, now I know that the problem with that department will hopefully be sorted. I also managed to manage my workload much better today because some things clicked today better than other days. Overall, my mood today towards work has been much better compared to the problems and the disappointment of yesterday.

Once I got home, I actually played some games and bought a new game. So recently, I have been playing quite a bit of The Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2, especially a game called Quiplash. Quiplash is a game where you pick from 2 answers that other players put to a question. You the player and the audience which answer is the funniest. The game is so much fun because the fact you can play with the stream audience makes the game borderline addictive to play. All the games in the pack are a lot of fun both to play on stream and with friends offline. I also played this game on stream with friends and it is the most fun in the world.

Overall, today was so much better than yesterday. I had a lot of fun playing games with friends and just went amazingly well.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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