28/06/2016 (Day 16: Another Quiet Day)

So today at work decently well, even though I initially started out pretty slowly. I really picked things up in the afternoon after this bumpy start, which lead to overall quite a good day. I did however stay a little bit later than I normally finish to tie up some loose ends to make sure that tomorrow’s workload continues to handleable. That currently is the most important thing at work at the moment, maintaining a handleable workload and not falling behind. I am quite happy that the workload continues to be well controlled as I don’t want to fall behind like I did last week.

There was one thing that I saw on the way home that really annoyed and that was the fact that the first bus I got on the way home only took me halfway home. So, what I had to do was wait a good 2o minutes for a bus from a different bus company to finally take the rest of the way home. The interesting thing is that in my town if you get a bus pass for one specific bus company, you normally can’t get on a bus using that pass ran by the other company. Although, after I explained that the buses that I normally get weren’t running properly the driver made an exception for me, which I appreciate.

So overall, today went okay. Sadly I couldn’t do much in terms of video games or music as by the time I got home and got done the jobs I needed to do it was nearly 9pm.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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