27/06/2016 (Day 15: A Successful Day At Work And Feeling Unwell)

Today’s blog post will be quite short as I have a really bad headache and I generally don’t feel very well. So today went really well at work, after what was a bumpy start. I don’t know why but I always seems to start quite badly, but I always recover. I was at one point somewhere close to being an hour behind where I should be been work wise, but I made that time up very quickly and managed to get ahead of my workload. I remained positive throughout the day even things go awry.

In terms of video games and music, I haven’t been able to do much progress simply because I have started to feel under the weather. The problem is when I start to feel unwell, it hits me like a truck and hits me hard. As i am writing this, I feel a pounding in the front of my head and my eyes are starting to hurt. I don’t feel sick currently and I am hoping that I don’t, however I am starting to feel somewhat dizzy.

Once again, sorry that this blog is so short today, as I feel unwell and I will most likely go straight to sleep once I have finished writing this.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow



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