26/06/2016 (Day 14: Internet Issues, New Speedgame and Music Progress)

So today has been quite relaxing and I have been able to rest up for work tomorrow. However, there has been one recurring problem throughout the day, which was frustrating and that was that the Internet connection kept dropping. Normally, my Internet connection is very consistent and rarely drops, however, today the Internet dropped once at 2pm and then again at 8:30pm (the time I am writing the blog). The main reason why this annoyed me was because as I was about to write the blog on the website, the Internet conveniently dropped, which is why the blog maybe late up today. I will try and get this blog up tonight (Sunday) but if not it would be have to be published Monday, which annoyed me as I have been able to maintain and publish a blog everyday. I suppose at the end of the day, so long I remember to write this blog and not forget, which I haven’t so far then I can’t be too upset. (The Internet came back up as I was writing this blog, which I am rejoicing about)

The second main thing I did today was investigating the new speedgame Metroid Fusion and oh my, the game is much harder to play on keyboard compared to console. The last time I played the game was about 8-10 years ago, so I did forget where I was going quite a few times. I think the other problem I had was the fact I was trying to play the game as fast as possible, which for a game I hadn’t played for so long might have been a mistake.

That is one downside about being a speedrunner, is that my mentality towards playing games that I have played before is very different compared to playing games that I am unfamiliar with. The mentality is “I have played this game before, therefore I will be able to speedrun the game easily.”, which I am learning now is a bad mindset to have because even though I have experience with the game, transferring that knowledge to play the game fast and in a different way is very difficult.

The final major thing, which happened was that I was able to finish mixing and mastering a piece of music. This particular piece I had finished last year, but since then I had developed synth patches, which meant that the track sounded much more professional, as the synth sounds are unique to me. I also started work of some synth development on some of the synthesisers, which means the breadth of sounds I can develop has been widened. I hope that this week I can continue writing some more music, as well as mastering some older pieces that may have some potential.

So overall, bar the internet issues that occurred, today has been a day of progress and gaining knowledge. The progress in terms of music and the knowledge of knowing that yes, I have beaten quite a few games in my lifetime, but it doesn’t mean that I can speedrun them immediately.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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