25/06/2016 (Day 13: Retro Shopping Is Quite Relaxing)

Today was quite a relaxing day where I didn’t really have anything planned initially, however at around 3:30pm I decided to go to town and do some shopping in thrift/charity stores for some retro games. When I was unemployed, I would normally go to charity stores about once a week to buy some retro games to add to my collection even though some of the games I know I would never play, but at least I ever have the urge to play them then I would have already owned the game. I am quite glad I did as I got some amazing games for rock bottom prices, for example, I got Metal Gear Solid 2 the 2 disc edition for $1.40 (99p), which is an fantastic prices for a great game. The second disc is “making of the game”, which will be very intriguing to watch as I have watched the making of Silent Hill 2 and it was very interesting to understand how the game was developed. It is just a shame that Konami no longer makes any games and went to the gutter in terms of development.

Apart from that, I decided that I want to learn a new speedgame called Metroid Fusion. I have played the game through once before and there is a tournament in August for the game and this is encouraged me to pick the game up as I really enjoyed the game when I played it through. The tournament for Metroid Fusion isn’t until August so I will have 6 weeks to learn the game, which I think will be adequate time to not just learn the route through, but establish how safe I can go as the game has a 0% category which is a high risk category. I think that is why in the upcoming week I will start learning the category because I would rather know it well before the tournament rather than leave it until last minute like I have done for previous tournaments.

Overall, today was actually pretty quiet and relaxing. The weather has been mixed with sunshine and thunderstorms in the same day, but I handled the storms fine. I am glad that it has been relaxing today and some retail therapy was helpful.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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