24/06/2016 (Day 12: Great Work Week and Saving Lives Along The Way)

So today at work went as perfectly as it is could have been as I have finally fully caught up on all the work that I had fell behind with earlier on this week. I found out that at one point this week I was 4 days behind in terms of what I should have been doing, but the cataclysmic days I had Monday and Tuesday morning meant that I was further behind then I had initially anticipated. However, from Wednesday I woke up determined to try and get caught up with work and I certain did and today I fully caught up. Believe me, the feeling that after 3 weeks in my promoted role is a feeling of euphoria and a belief that I can do this role on my own and most importantly stay on top of the workload, which is where I have struggled in the past couple of weeks. I feel that the struggling this week during work has paid off as it taught me some valuable life lessons about how to recover from difficult situations. It also taught me that no situation is impossible to recover, no matter how close to the mire you feel you are.

Also today I might have saved someone’s life in the hospital today. A member on my team asked me to fetch some urgent notes as A+E phoned from Resuscitation. So, I had to sprint down to A+E with these notes and I when I got to Resus the staff there said “You are such a star for getting these down here so fast.” It is moments like these which really shows how serious my job can be at times, especially if it is urgent A+E work.

Once I got home from work, which took longer than expected due to the unusually high levels of traffic I literally got into my pyjamas, relaxed a lot and listened to some podcasts. In terms of podcasts, I have well over 120 hours of podcasts to listen as I like to listen to podcast series from their inception to now because sometimes podcasts can refer back to previous episodes and if you haven’t listened to those previous episodes, sometimes you feel like you are out of the loop and unsure what the hosts mean. Although, all the podcasts I listen to do that, but most importantly they explain what they mean if they do reference previous episodes, which if you like listening from the middle of the podcast series, then you understand what they are referring to.

So overall, today went perfectly and was very satisfying. I am also hoping to stream tomorrow and write my 2nd review for “Liam’s Game Room”, which will be another Genesis/Mega Drive game. I won’t announce the game until the review is up because I want to keep what game this is a secret, unlike Sonic 1 which is a really obvious choice to start with.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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