23/06/2016 (Day 11: Progress and New Ideas)

Work today went really well in pretty much every aspect mainly because I have continued to catch up after the issues that I had on Monday and Tuesday. I also feel that my confidence is back on the rise and that I have found my mojo that I had lost. The most important thing is that those bad days are completely behind me, but most importantly I have learnt from the mistakes that I had made and vowed to not making those mistakes again. My problem was that I didn’t ask for help as I was too proud to ask for help, which led to the downward spiral.

The weather in the past 24 hours has been absolutely atrocious in terms of how much rain that we have had here. The bad weather started at around midnight last night, when the heavens had opened like I have never seen. Now, I had seen the forecast and there were weather warning across most of the South of the UK, the thunderstorms didn’t really kick off until 3am where it hit like a punch in the face. The lightning was really intense, although there wasn’t too much in terms of thunder until a little bit later in the morning. Also, the rain on the way to work was the worst rain I have seen for a very long time, as whenever the bus hit a large puddle, it looked like you hit the bottom of one of the water rides you would see at a theme park. To be honest, I do feel bad for anyone who had to walk to work when a bus hits a huge puddle and just soaks them though.

Once I got home I decided to do some streaming of Mother 1/ Earthbound Zero as I had started playing it to celebrate my 1 year Twitch streaming anniversary. The stream actually went very well and I am starting to notice that I am getting some regular viewers. The reason why I highlight this as it is starting to feel more like I have a community of people who are interested in my stream and the games I play, which for me is very heartwarming and encouraging. Recently, the amount of streams I have done has sadly dropped a lot due to how tiring work as been, however, I wish to try and change this as I adapted to work and I don’t come home from work as tired as I used to be.

So overall, today went really well, and I hope to keep the momentum up both at work and in terms of maintaining at least 2 streams a week. I am so glad that this second half of the working week as been successful thus far in terms of a recovery.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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