22/06/2016 (Day 10: Fantastic Day and Completed Music

Today went fantastically at work, which if you read yesterday’s blog it is in complete contrast to how bad yesterday went. I had a meeting with my boss to speak about yesterday and what went wrong and it is was this meeting that made me determined to fix what has happened yesterday. I also found out that staying late yesterday did nothing to help the situation I was in. After this meeting, everything fell into place like the perfect puzzle and I don’t think I would have expected work to then go so well. So compared to yesterday, I feel so much better and just feel like I can do whatever I want to now without there being any limits to my ability.

So after work, I felt very relaxed but I felt even more relaxed, as on the bus ride home I was able to sit on the top deck of the bus home. Now, on British buses sometimes there is a second deck, which is a deck above the main deck. Double decker buses are decently common and mainly run during the busiest periods of the day, which means that the companies can run fewer buses but accommodate for the same amount of passengers.

In terms of games, I haven’t played many different games. There are some go to games that I play once I get in from work to just relax and chill out. However, there is one other way that I chill out and that is speaking with friends on Discord. Discord is a similar service to what Skype offers, but it uses less CPU and doesn’t cause internet issues. My friends like Radioactive_Rat and Skybilz have things called servers. Unlike Skype, which is much more generalised in terms of friends, Discord allows to have friends on a friend list, but also servers means you can talk with friends of friends and get the chance to speak to and get to know new people. So, you are both speaking with your friend but also getting to know their friends as well.

There was also a major breakthrough in something I have promising myself I would do for almost a week and this is work on some music. However, I didn’t compose anything for new ideas. What I did, was revisit some of my old concepts and pieces of music to see if there was anything in my back catalogue that I had either finished but wasn’t happy with certain aspects of the piece or compositions that I hadn’t finished developing. There was one piece that I finished, which I liked, but I remastered the piece and used the new synth patches that I have developed over the past week to make the piece sound even better. I won’t be releasing the piece just yet, as I want to work some more on the mastering of the music to make sure it sounds as professional as possible.

Overall, today has been perhaps the most successful day since I started the blog. Everything worked today, work was fantastic and my composition work went up a gear in terms of actually working on it and making some progress with it.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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