21/06/2016 (Day 9: Bad Day at Work and Some Life Lessons)

Work today was difficult, stressful and just didn’t go very well at all. I don’t know why things just didn’t go to plan. I felt that things weren’t falling into place or just clicking in general. Because of this, my overly critical side started to show and that really didn’t help my situation. What this caused me to do was to stay nearly an hour later than I was meant to so I could try and rectify the situation. The only problem is that when I came home from work, I felt super stressed and not feeling immensely positive.

However, if there is one thing that cheers me up after a bad day at work, it is finding out the American version of Family Fortunes, Family Feud is now being shown in the UK. I have been watching Family Feud on Youtube for quite a few years and personally I prefer the American version. The sole reason why is that I felt Family Fortunes felt a little bit cheap on the production side, whilst Family Feud is big budget, big prizes and the host Steve Harvey has a wonderful hosting style. Also, Steve Harvey has a personality which is larger than life, which offers a universally appealing hosting style, whilst Les Dennis, the UK host was a good host but he felt a little but 1 dimensional in stark comparison. When I found out the news about Family Feud being shown in the UK, I rejoiced so much and asked “Why didn’t they bring this show to the UK a few years ago?”, as Family Fortunes is no longer made in the UK apart from rare Celebrity specials, which are nowhere near as good as the original episodes.

In terms of games and music, I sadly haven’t had chance to compose any music or play any games, due to the time restraints. Hopefully, if tomorrow isn’t as busy at work (which is quite unlikely) or my energy levels are better, than I can play some more games for potential reviews and/or compose some music. Which reminds me that recently I have listened to a lot of Monstercat. I found Monstercat by pure accident and I have found the wide spectrum of different synth music style offers music for anyone who is a fan of synth music.

Overall, today could have gone much better, but then again tomorrow is another day. Today in terms of work is a day to forget, as I couldn’t compute what I was doing effectively. Hopefully, a good nights sleep will help with that. Also, I need to approach tomorrow not thinking “Got to repair the mistakes I made yesterday”, but think “Today is a new day. I can do this.” and think positively and be confident in my ability.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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