20/06/2016 (Day 8: How Gaming Podcasts Can Influence Purchases)

So first day of the working week went pretty well. I normally manage to get to work moderately early, roughly 5-10 minutes early, but today I arrived 15 minutes early, which allowed me to get some things done before my shift even started. I managed to keep the morale nice and high, even though my energy levels weren’t as high as previous days. However, I still managed to get through the day pretty well, even though by the end of the day the top of my right leg decided to lock up and cramp at the same time. This always seems to happen to me whenever I either get cramp or pain. It isn’t one or the other, it is always a combination of both things, which makes neither one affect hurt more than the other. The only problem though when I get cramp is that cramp seems to affect me more than an injury when normally injuries are more impactful.

So, on the way to work I listen to a lot of retro video game podcasts, such as Genesis Gems, Playstation Power and Master System Masterpieces. I found all these podcasts by pure accident after listening to The Frame Savers, which is a speedrunning podcast. From there, I found Master System Masterpieces, which then snowballed into finding Genesis Gems, Playstation Power, The SNES Podcast and the Atari Jaguar Podcast. These podcasts are amazing podcasts and give me a fix of either nostalgia or something interesting about video game consoles that either I didn’t have growing up or were not released here in the UK.

There was an episode of Genesis Gems I was listening to, which was about a game called Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool. Now throughout the podcast, there was quite a lot of references to a snack called Cheetos. Now growing up, I loved Cheetos, however when I was a teenager, Cheetos were pulled from the UK market due to the amount of additives and colourings in the product. In the last 2 or 3 years Cheetos eventually became available to purchase in the UK after stores like ASDA starting importing products from Europe. In Poland, they were making Cheetos and ASDA starting importing them, which made me happy. It is very weird how a podcast that I listened to on the way into work influenced me to buy a big bag of Cheetos and they are as good, if not even better than when I was a child.

As I am writing this blog, I am also preparing to start work on the next instalment of “Liam’s Game Room”, which I won’t announce the game I will be reviewing until I publish it. The most important thing about these game reviews is making sure that I get a good distance ahead just in case I do an RPG review. All I will say is that the review will be of a Genesis/Mega Drive game, then after that I will be doing 2 reviews of SNES games.

So overall, today was a good day. I still need to start composing music, which I will most likely do tomorrow evening, as I have done some synth development, but I need to just these synth patches to good use and start developing some musical ideas.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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