19/06/2016 (Day 7: A Day Of Rest And Analysis)

Today has been really rather quiet due to main fact that I have been resting up and addressing a couple of things before work tomorrow. The main thing that has needed to be addressed as the fact that my left foot has been hurting for quite some weeks. It started hurting after I rolled my ankle at work I think 4 weeks ago, but at the time I didn’t pay too much attention to it. However, in the last couple of weeks, the pain has been much more noticeable, especially after waking up. It feels like I can’t put any weight on it initially, but after about 20-30 steps the foot is then fine. I think I will try and get a doctor’s appointment to try and see what the issue is.

Apart from that, I have been able to garner some feedback towards the game review I wrote yesterday. The feedback has been very positive and many people said that they liked how much detail I went into. This feedback has been helpful because initially I was very nervous about writing a game review, as it is something that I have contemplated for quite a while but never had the courage or the knowhow to actually go ahead with it. I do think I will stick one review a week as doing 2 a week I feel could become overwhelming after a while, especially if the review is an RPG.

Also, I have some more information in regards to the game reviews. What I am planning to do is to try and get a headstart on the reviews, and try and get some reviews written ahead of time, so that if I want to do an RPG review, then I will have the time to play the RPG and do a thorough analysis, as I feel one week to do an RPG review will be too short of a timeframe. The reviews will also rotate consoles as well, so Sonic 1 and Golden Axe are Genesis/Mega Drive reviews, then after that I will pick another console like the Game Boy, SNES or Turbografx-16 and do 2 game reviews from that console, so that all consoles get equal representation.

Overall, today has been quiet compared to other days in terms of things happening, but I have thinking about a lot of different things.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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