18/06/2016 (Day 6: First Ever Review Done And Monstercat)

At the time that I am writing this, I have just posted my first ever review, which was of Sonic The Hedgehog. I really enjoyed writing the review, even though it took much longer to write than I had initially planned it to. I thought it would take me about an hour to write as I thought it would be 1000-1500 words, it ended up being closer to 3000 words. The last time I wrote something that was nearly 3000 words, was when I was writing essays in university, but all the essays I did for my degree prepared me very well when it came to making sure that the review was in depth enough and covered every aspect that I wished to cover. I do think that doing one review a week is perfect, as doing one every 2 weeks would make that blog seems somewhat lax in approach, whilst one a week considering how long the reviews are is perfect.

Apart from that today, I did sleep in this morning as I was super tired. However, I did get a wake up call at about 9am this morning as I heard one of my posters fall of off my wall. Ironically, it was my Attack On Titan poster I bought from a gaming convention last week. Maybe the poster thought I was a sleeping titan and decided it was going to attack me (Bad pun Alert). It was weird as I had to force myself back to sleep as my body is so used to waking up 6-7 hours after falling sleep, that is almost second nature to survive the day on 6 hours.

One other thing that happened was that when I was writing the Sonic review, I had an urge to listen to some music, but I couldn’t decide what songs I wanted to listen. I then remembered that there is a Youtube channel/ independent record label that does a 24/7 radio station on Twitch. The Youtube channel/Twitch channel in question was Monstercat. Monstercat are an independent Canadian based electronic music record label, who have artists like Tristam and Aero Chord on their label. Now their Twitch FM station plays music from artists on their label on a shuffle, so you get to hear some music you have heard before, but also get introduced to some new music you may have never heard before. The variety of music on Monstercat’s label is staggering as they have everything from chillout electronic music through to Trap and dubstep. This wide spectrum of music I have found to be perfect to listen to whilst I write my blog entries and also write my game review, as I am not constantly having to switch tabs to Youtube to change what song I listen to.

So overall, not as much happened today as I spent most of the afternoon writing the Sonic 1 review, but I do look forward to writing more game reviews. I also can’t believe that this is already day 6 of the blog. I am finding the blog very enjoyable to write and I want to thank everyone who has read the blog or helped me shape the layout of the blog.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.





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