17/06/2016 (Day 5: A Successful Week At Work, Bring On The Weekend)

This week at work has been a successful one overall. It started quite weakly as I had some issues adapting to my increased workload since getting promoted. Monday and Tuesday were both days of immense frustration and caused my confidence to plummet as a result. However, the second half of Tuesday, something clicked and felt like I had to rise back up and do what I do best. This change in attitude towards my new position was just what I needed to happen to feel rejuvenated and revitalised. The only downside to this was that I found myself pushing myself harder and harder for the next few days until today I felt like I hit the brick wall fitness wise. Because of the nature of my work, I am constantly on my feet walking around the hospital and collecting vital pieces of information, I cover a huge distance every day. I calculated that on average I walk about 10-15 miles a day at work, which over an entire week can be 50-75 miles, which compared to the exercise I used to do is a world apart. But work this week was a week of progression and about rebuilding my confidence.

In terms of other things I have been thinking about since I got home was ideas for the game review blog, which I will be launching tomorrow. The first 2 games are now set in stone as Sonic The Hedgehog and Golden Axe, but I have thinking of what games I will be reviewing beyond that and I think I know how “Liam’s Game Room” will work. The first 2 reviews are both Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games, which means the next 2 games I will review will be from a different game console, as concentrating on 1 console and neglecting the libraries of the other consoles would both affect the wide variety of games I grew up on and play nowadays, but also give the opinion that the blog is specialised. I want the blog to cover games from pretty much every retro console from NES to Game Gear. Also, there will be game reviews of RPG’s, but they will happen less often because of the amount of time required to both play the game and write my analysis, as those games have a lot more depth. The RPG reviews will tend to be longer compared to a review of a platform or a beat em up simply because of the amount of content the RPG’s offer in terms of both playtime and depth of story and mechanics.

To explain how the reviews will work, I will be covering 5 key categories. The categories are Graphics, Gameplay, Difficulty, Music and Enjoyment. The reason why I am splitting the review into the different categories is to make sure that the reviews both looks organised, to make sure that the review flows from topic instead of jumping around and ending up in a muddle and to make sure that if a game falters in one particular area but flourishes elsewhere, then I can explain why it does in those areas rather than overly generalised.

Tomorrow, I will continue work on some more synth development, although I am hoping that as well as the development, I can start building some framework for some music whether it be drum beats, tempos or anything that can built upon. I don’t think I will work on chord progression or melodies until I feel I have enough of a custom synth sound bank to be able to start composing effectively. I know I could use the presets to build the chords, but until I know what sound the synth patch will make, then I don’t know whether the patches will clash with each other or not, as I will be looking for each to have their own unique quirks (Also I couldn’t spell quirk at all whilst writing this, so I had to use my dictionary. I don’t know why). The other thing I need to do regarding my music is recreate my Soundcloud account, as all the music I had on my old account I really disliked, so I decided that starting a fresh was required.

So overall, today was a great way to finish the working week,  but there is plenty to do and to look forward to this weekend, both on the music front and on the video game front. Also a heads up on “Liam’s Game Room” as well. In terms of the reviews, I might be able to write some ahead of time to make sure I don’t fall behind. My reason for doing this is to make sure that if the next review is an RPG or a game which requires a larger time frame to playthrough, then I will have enough time to both play the game and write my analysis.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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