16/06/2016 (Day 4: Golden Axe Is A Bubble Bobble Emote)

Today was a very productive day where several new ideas happened and I failed to beat a game even though I got to the final stage twice. Work went fantastically well, even though I had to stay late. The only downside about swapping my late shift was that by the time I got home I was very tired and my body ached, which it hadn’t done for a while, not since my first few weeks of work. However, the major positive about working so hard is that I cover a huge distance every day. I calculated that I cover more distance per day at work then the average professional soccer player does in a 90 minute match, but unlike those soccer players I do that every weekday. 

Once I had got home and sorted myself out, I decided that I would stream a game that will be a review in “Liam’s Game Room” which will be a blog that will be launching this Saturday with Sonic The Hedgehog 1. This game I decided to play and get some footage of for this review was Golden Axe. Now I have played Golden Axe quite a few times even though I didn’t grow up the game, but I originally found the game on one of the plethora of Sega Genesis (Mega Drive here in Europe) Classic Collections. I don’t know why but I have always struggled when it comes to playing Golden Axe, but eventually I hope to beat the game. At least, I have over an hour and a half of footage to watch back and take some notes for the review, which was the primary reason for streaming the game.

After I had failed with Golden Axe quite a few times, I decided to try out an NES game by the name of Bubble Bobble. This game is a platformer where you blow bubbles to trap enemies and then burst the bubbles to defeat the enemies. However, whilst I was playing the game and after many deaths, I saw the death animation of the main character and decided that this would make for a cool emote. To explain what an emote is, an emote on Twitch signifies an emotion or feeling that the person wants to express, but do in more of a photographic way rather than a text sort of thing. Emotes are very similar to emojis, which are very common place and well used on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

So overall, I played a lot more games, I thought of an awesome idea for an emote and generally the day went quite smoothly. In terms of music composition, I personally haven’t had any spare time to either design more synth patches, which I started on yesterday or develop some musical concepts. I think for the music side of things, I am going to leave that for this weekend, when I have a lot more free time and can think more clearly compared to during the week.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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