15/06/2016 (Day 3: Undertale’s Determination Works In Real Life)

So today was a day of much progress in terms of work and determination. I started out today not feeling so great, I pretty much had to drag myself out of bed, which I rarely now have to do that I am used to waking up early, but I am glad that I did.

Once I had got to work, something within me clicked and suddenly felt very determined to succeed after yesterday’s day of two halves. What I went into today thinking was “Let’s try and make everything click and work even harder to make sure that I have a day like the second half of yesterday.” Thinking this way filled with determination and a drive to make everything work and it did, I felt like I was in the indie game Undertale.

Today was also a major breakthrough in something else I mentioned in yesterday’s blog and that is I started composing music again. The first thing I did was look at all of my old music projects, as far back as my first year of University, to concepts that I had written last year, but either never got around to developing, or just felt unmotivated and burnt out by the very idea of writing music. The concepts from the first year of university actually made me laugh and think “Did I really compose that? I have come a long way from composing music like that.”

Now I compose all of my music within a music writing program called Logic Pro X. It is the same software that I purchase during my second year of University and to be honest, it was and still is one of my best investments. The main reason why I purchased it was because when I was at university I had no way of composing music at home, and of course all my best ideas for music would happen at home, which frustrated me as I had no way of transcribing or developing the ideas I had. Thankfully, this purchase helped me out a lot and improved my grades at the time.

The next stage was something which I call Synth Development. Within Logic Pro X, there are a lot of preset synth sounds, which are grouped by specific synthesiser banks. These banks have names such as ES1 and the presets within the software are generate by these synthesisers, however you can open the specific synthesiser with a preset sound being made and tweak and manipulate into a different sound entirely and in most occasions, a sound that you either require or want for a future composing project. I had made some specific synths before, but I deleted them as I felt the quality of these were sub par. The synth development actually went very well and I got the hang of creating a wide array of different presets very quickly. It was almost like I had never stopped composing music.

What was it that made me decide to work on some music composition or at least some preparation for composing? Determination. I felt that it had been way too long since I worked on any music and it was time to work off some of the musical rust that had gathered over the almost year since I either finished a long or had completed a remix. The remixes are mainly for fun and it allows me to investigate and experiment with mastering music and making sure the music is of the best possible quality.

Also, after thinking about it since yesterday, I will be launching “Liam’s Game Room” where I will be reviewing a game that I am very familiar with. These reviews will go up on the weekend and the games I will be covering will either be games I have speedran or still speedrun, a game I have played casually on my Twitch stream or a game that I played a lot as a kid and that I am still familiar with. These reviews will be quite in depth and cover a lot of aspects of the game, then at the end I will give it a score out of 10. However, these scores will be representative of the number I give it, so a 5 is an average game, a 10 is a masterpiece and 1 is a game that is awful. “Liam’s Game Room” will be posted every Saturday alongside the daily blog and the first one will be this Saturday where I will review one of my childhood favourites Sonic The Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis.

So overall, today has been a very productive, especially with me breaking off some of the music rust. Generally today has been a day of a lot of progression, a reduction in stress and general feeling of Undertale’s determination working in real life.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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