14/06/2016 (Day 2: A Day of Two Halves And Weird Ways To Unwind)

So today was a very interesting today. I started off this morning at work feeling generally unwell and feeling unmotivated. However, after lunch from somewhere I suddenly felt really good and really motivated. I don’t know what caused this sudden change in emotion, feeling and general approach to the day. I seem to have some days like today, which start off either really poorly or where nothing would click together, then the second part of the day I find something that makes me feel awesome.

In terms of unwinding today, I decided to open and play Adventure Capitalist for a couple of hours. Now, the interesting question is how to do you play a game like Adventure Capitalist for a couple of hours? Well currently there is an event where you have the option to “Mash”, which speeds up the amount of money you earn. The unusual thing I have found is that when a game like this offers a chance to speed up the game, my initial thought is to spend some time doing this, whilst watching some Youtube videos. I don’t know why i find this both relaxing and a way to generally unwind.

In terms of the Youtube videos I tend to watch whilst unwinding, my go to place for watching both funny and entertaining videos is Birgirpall. Birgirpall are an Icelandic duo who make a series of videos called “We Broke” where they take a video game and find weird and interesting glitches ( A glitch is where something happens in a game which is something the game developers never intended). The main reason why these videos are my go to is because they take a wide array of different games, everything from the most popular new releases to older releases. This variety of both older and newer games makes this channel one of my favourite Youtube channels. They also stream on Twitch, where they play games with their Patreon subscribers and Twitch subscribers. This interactivity with their viewers is what made me subscribe to them on Twitch because the channel is welcoming both of subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Also today, I have been considered if I should do any other blogs alongside this one. My main ideas have been to do a series of blogs called “Liam’s Game Room” where I take either a game I have speedran or a game that I found recently and do a full review of the game. In these reviews, I would cover Gameplay, Music and Audio, Graphics and Mechanics. The most important thing about these reviews is I would make sure that the reviews are spoiler-free so that anymore wanting to play the game after they read the review, then the game would be spoiled plot/story wise. This blog idea would be done once a week, however if the game is an RPG then I would stream the game first on my Twitch channel then I would write my review.

So overall, today has been a pretty good day. Very proud of the fact that even though my morning didn’t go as planned, the afternoon I recovered well. I do hope the rest of the week does this well. Also, in terms of music composition, I will start composing some music this weekend as I will have some more time compared to the rest of the week.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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